Demo 2016

by Shiv

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released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Shiv Melbourne, Australia

Vox - Jah
Bass - Dane
G-tar - Zach
Bongos - Sam

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Track Name: Intro // Ominous Ploppage
Drowning in the cesspool in my mind
Oozing out septic sludge
Sleeping on nails - walking on shards

I have no place here
My existence is vile

Limited lifestyle - vacant yet clogged
Alone, but no room to breathe
I'm tired of this life, I wanna leave

They keep telling me how to feel
Track Name: PTSD
I see them - those bleached eyes
Painted by moonlight
A crimson veil
I am followed - forever watched
The dead girl haunts my sleep
Surge of shock - so I watch

Dormant while you bled
Visions of the dead inside my head

Look into my eyes
What do I see?
That same hollow body facing me
Track Name: Below Average Girth
Tell me what I'm fighting for
I can't tell anymore
No safety in a digital age
Send me back to my primitive state
Evolution took a turn for the worst
Human existence should have been rejected at birth

The cries of man
The cries of the earth
Soon to be free
Sent back to birth

Gimme gimme what I need to sleep at night
So tired of this endorphin genocide
You fight your wars and you breed death
You'll take away our future and leave nothing for the rest
Track Name: Execute
You're still here
You're hanging round
How long til you skip this town?
I'll show you mine, you show me yours
Predators don't retract their claws.
Your actions can't ever be justified,
think of those you've victimised
But we're back here again.

Time for punk revolution
Rapist execution
No more social inclusion
Rapist execution

Hope for the day where I wake up
and hear about your life that's fucked.
You ruined hers, you ruined mine,
you'll get yours in due time.
Friends can't protect you this time round,
Pray to God I don't see you in town.

Riddled with anxiety
Present insecurities
Chaotic mind set
Trying to survive with someone else's debt